WhiskyCompanion for Android TM


Questions on installing and using WhiskyCompanion

Check the FAQ if the issue is covered in the FAQ-list. If the FAQ doesn't answer your question, send and email to support(^.at.^)whiskycompanion(^.dot.^)com.

How to submit an error message

If the app for some reason should freeze or crash, please submit an error message to Google if possible. After the crash there should be a small window asking if you like to submit the error message. Please click Yes. This will create a detailed error message that is forwarded to WhiskyCompanion. You may additionally send an email to WhiskyCompanion explaining what happened when the error occurred. This will help us further in solving the issue.

We will then as soon as possible correct the error and inform you on how to proceed.

Requesting new functionality or new base data

If you have a good idea for new functionality for WhiskyCompanion, please send an email to support(^.at.^)whiskycompanion(^.dot.^)com.

If you would like to have your favorite country, region, distillery or whisky being part of the master database for WhiskyCompanion, please send us an email, and we will look into your request.

Communicating with WhiskyCompanion Support

You may communicate with support in English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.

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