WhiskyCompanion for Android TM

Version history

The following lists the release and version history of WhiskyCompanion.

Version 2.06

  • Release date: 26.01.2012
    - Created export/import for single records and all Distilleries/Whiskies under My Whiskies
    - Included Sort option under Distilleries and Whiskies in My Network
    - Fixed bug when downloading DB
    - Fixed layout and orientation for DB download screen
    - Fixed bug when creating or editing Region

Version 2.01 - 2.05

  • Several bug-fixes

Version 2.00

  • Release date: 30.11.2011
    - Added languages: Dutch, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Swedish
    - Added upload/download to/from Internet master database
    - Added option of using 1-100 rating instead of 1-5 stars
    - Enhanced user interface when entering text
    - The lists in Want, Have and Emptied now have 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4, and range up to 24+
    - Added button in About window for sending info to support
    - Fixed timeout crash when updating distillery or whisky from internet
    - Fixed missing refresh of data when returning to My Whiskies
    - Fixed sorting issue in Search Whiskies
    - Fixed issue with editing whiskies when distillery name contains apostrophe
    - Made distillery mandatory when creating a new whisky
    - Fixed bug that caused lost info when rotating distillery and whisky detail window 
  • Database version: DB will be upgraded to version 7 when 2.00 of the app is installed


Version 1.18 / 1.19

  • Release date: 26.09.2011
    - Added Description for Whisky
    - Added External Rating for Whisky
    - Added Value for Whisky
    - Added Purchase Location for Whisky
    - Added Purchased Date for Whisky
    - Added Restore DB functionality for Android 2.0/2.1
    - Added Export HTML to My Whiskies
    - Added information update of Region, Distillery and Whisky from WhiskyCompanion's Master Database
    - Added export functions for Region-, Distillery- and Whisky pictures to SD card
  • Database version: No new release

Version 1.17

  • Release date: 20.09.2011
    - Improved layout for supporting Tablet (Honeycomb) devices
    - New menu entry for editing base data: Bottlers, Whisky Type, Distillery Status, Visitor Center and Classification
    - Added functionality for adding, editing and deleting countries and regions
    - Included functionality for editing Distillery History
    - Improved layout for Distillery and Whisky
    - Included option for automatically checking for content update when starting the app.
  • Database version: No new release

Database version 6

  • Release date: 06.07.2011
    - 4 new New Zealand distilleries
    - 14 new New Zealand whiskies

Version 1.16

  • Release date: 03.07.2011
    - Fixed error (crash) when creating a new whisky
  • Database version: No new release

Version 1.15

  • Release date: 01.07.2011
    - Fixed error (crash) when displaying a whisky after download of new database
  • Database version: No new release

Version 1.14

  • Release date: 07.05.2011
    - Added Bottle Size to Whisky
    - Added Chill Filtered to Whisky
    - Changed Barrel Type to Cask Type in Whisky
    - Changed Barrel No. to Cask No. in Whisky
  • Database version: No new release

Database version 5

  • Release date: 25.05.2011
    - 1 new American distillery
    - 1 new South African distillery
    - 1 new Danish distillery
    - 1 new German distillery
    - 4 new Swiss distilleries
    - 1 new Scottish distillery
    - 15 new whiskies

Version 1.13

  • Release date: 07.05.2011
    - Removed Camera and AutoFocus from Market filtering
    - Added Events
    - Added Barrel Type, Barrel No. and Bottle No. to whiskies
  • Database version: No new release

Version 1.11

  • Release date: 19.03.2011
    - Fixed issues with new database on Honeycomb (Android 3.0)
  • Database version: No new release

Version 1.10

  • Release date: 10.03.2011
    - Fixed problem with crash in Content Update for Android 2.0/2.1 users
  • Database version: No new release

Database version 4

  • Release date: 7.03.2011
    - 42 new American distilleries
    - 79 new American whiskies
    - Octomore (Bruichladdich) added
    - Powers Gold Label added
    - SMWS added to bottlers
    - "Blended" added as a region in Scotland
    - Chivas added
    - Johnny Walker added

Version 1.09

  • Release date: 27.02.2011
    - Automatic check for content update when app is started
    - Number of distilleries/whiskies in selection are shown in parenthesis in My Whiskies
    - Added "Tell a Friend" function under Settings
    - Added Bottler to the content update function
    - Added Price field to whiskies  Copy Whisky implemented. Long-press a whisky in a list to copy
    - Reducing picture size when importing whisky and distillery pictures into the database in order to avoid crash.
  • Database version: No new release

Version 1.07

  • Release date: 09.02.2011
    - Settings is now available as a selection from Menu.
    - Download DB is moved to Menu -> Settings.
    - Update Content is moved to Menu -> Settings.
    - Copy DB to SD Card is implemented under Menu -> Settings. This will enable Android 2.0/2.1 users to copy their database from the phone to SD card for backup purposes before upgrading their phone to Android 2.2.
    - The Drop Down Lists (Spinners) in the Whisky window have a new design that will fix the blank-field-bug for Motorola users.
  • Database version: No new release

Version 1.06

  • Release date: 23.01.2011
    New App icon
    - Moved "Have", "Wanted" and "Emptied" outside the "Tasted" group in Whisky detail window.
    - Visited distilleries and Tasted, Wanted, Have and Emptied whiskies are marked with yellow smileys in lists.
    - Help texts updated
    - Implement "Loading data.." for long lasting operations
    - Content update of database implemented.
    - Rated Whiskies implemented in the My Whiskies window
  • Database version: 3
    - Canadian distilleries and whiskies included

Version 1.02

  • Release date: 17.01.2011
    Implemented fast scrolling with a handle on the right hand side that you can drag up or down for scrolling in long lists.
    - Solved issues (bugs) to improve stability.
  • Database version: No new release

Version 1.01

  • Release date: 11.01.2011
    - Implemented text search with wild cards for whiskies.
  • Database version: 2
    - Japanese distilleries and whiskies included

Version 1.00

  • Release date: 04.01.2011
    - Initial App release.
  • Database version: 1
    - Initial database release


Future functionality / Content

  • Combination of search criteria in My Whiskies
  • Ability to add own bottler
  • Upload / share data with other users.